Services at Strata

I provide counseling to individuals who may be experiencing a wide range of difficult life experiences or transitions. Counseling is typically provided in a one-on-one setting in weekly 50-minute sessions. However, if you feel like your needs differ, we can discuss other options that may be available (such as bi-weekly sessions, extending session time, bringing a partner or family member to session, etc).


trauma-informed counseling

One of my areas of expertise is trauma.  Sexual abuse, sexual assault, childhood neglect, military combat and abusive relationships are examples of some traumas, although trauma can also encompass any number of other experiences, such as a serious accident, a life-threatening illness, or a natural disaster.

No matter what the experience or how long ago it occurred, you deserve to heal from its effects on your life.

eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR)

EMDR is an evidence-based therapy that emphasizes the importance of memories in those experiencing the effects of a traumatic event. It uses a special technique to reduce the intensity of traumatic memories, eliminate the effects of negative beliefs and replace them with positive ones, and alleviate stress associated with remembering the event.

To learn more about EMDR and find out if it could help you, contact me or visit the website for the EMDR International Association at



cognitive processing therapy (CPT)

CPT is a therapy based in cognitive-behavioral techniques that was created to help individuals recover from traumatic experiences. It is a structured, evidence-based approach to healing from trauma.

To learn more about CPT and how it can help you move forward, contact me or visit